Saturday, March 19, 2016

The return of Bio-Duck!

The cities of Brazil are seething with turmoil these days as thousands fill the streets of São Paulo and Rio, clamoring angrily for the ouster of their corrupt President Dilma Rousseff.  A historically large 500,000 person demonstration flooded São Paulo last Sunday, so large and focused on impeachment that no one seemed to notice the enormous, ominous, otherwise inexplicable yellow figure looming above them all... as though orchestating the chaos.
Demonstrators attend a protest against Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, presided over by a mysterious giant duck. Photo: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker
As indeed he was. Sure, you've got your Bilderbergers and you've got your Illuminati, but behind it all yellow wing-tips truly manipulate the levers of power.

The citizens of Brazil did not recognize this golden threat and blanked it out of their minds as humans so often do. But longtime readers of A Few Paragraphs know it well. For this non-sequiter saffron menace lurking in the shadows of São Paulo and quacking maniacally at the pandemonium is none other than... the dreaded Bio-Duck!! (<--- Read our earlier coverage, if you dare!!)
Bio-Duck spreading havoc earlier in the orient

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