Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I'm Shocked -- Shocked -- That Such Things Occur in Casablanca!

Two years ago in Azilal, Morocco a man named Abragh Mohamed received the sad news from a Casablanca hospital that his wife had been in a horrible car accident and probably wouldn't survive. But they needed him to drive back to Azilal and get some more cash so they could operate on her.

By the time Mr. Mohamed returned 4 hours later, doctors told him his wife was dead. They handed her corpse over to the grieving man wrapped in a shroud and sealed in a casket. Back home she was buried.

Then, two years later, she showed up on TV.

A friend of the poor widower called to say he was watching Mr. Mohamed's dead wife on a program called Al Mokhtafoun ("The Vanished") and she was searching for her husband. She told the show that they had "lost touch" 1 1/2 years ago.

To all appearances her grave is still intact -- no tell-tale zombie marks or anything. So in all likelihood the hospital gave her husband somebody else's body to bury. And the doctors declared his wife dead when she was quite non-dead (but not undead, thank goodness).

The moral of our story? Don't trust doctors!