Friday, April 04, 2014

Compassion on Porcupines

A productive future!
Many a day I've found myself pondering what I should do if I find a dead porcupine. Haven't you? After all, as everyone knows, deep in the spiny creature's stomach lies the valuable "Porcupine Date," a magical stone much prized by Chinese medical men. And they can be worth a pretty penny, so I'm told.

That's certainly enough to ponder for one day in my opinion. But what if, while rooting around in a dead rodent's gut in search of the legendary "Date," I found a live baby porcupine? Should I toss it into a ditch and run off to cash in my treasure and begin my life of leisure? But then... it is a sweet baby porcupine. The bristly infant? Or the incredible fortune?  Which to choose... which to choose.

Well, mushroom hunter Jared Buzzell of Lisbon, Maine had no such moral dilemma! Tearing open the corpse, he swiftly
The coveted 'Porcupine Date'
extracted the tiny orphan -- being careful to cut the umbilical cord first -- and used his life saving skills to nurse the newborn to health!  And soon he intends to turn the little one over to the proper authorities so they can raise it to live a happy and productive life. 

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