Sunday, March 23, 2014

Immortalized in Chocolate for Mom

As a baby, did your mom think you were a scrumptious little thing? Does your mate call you sweetums? Or, way down deep
inside, are you kind of stuck on yourself?

Now you can show her (or you) how grateful you are for all that love and attention by giving her a tasty chocolate statute of yourself for Mother's Day. The mold for this creation is based on thousand of photos from every concievable angle to ensure a perfect chocolate replica of you. "Couldn't you just eat eat them up!" Mom will squeal with delight when she sees your delicious, slightly awkward present.

Or get one for yourself and show it off in a temperature controlled place of honor.

Better hurry though. Harvey Nichols, the British department store that makes these, will have them available for a month before Mother's Day. But remember my fellow Americans, British Mother's Day falls on March 30th.

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