Monday, March 24, 2014

Bowling on Mars

Stop the presses, or whatever we use nowadays! We've Just discovered LIFE ON MARS!!

Well, not exactly "just" since the incriminating photo was actually taken by the Curiosity rover  last Tuesday. And not life exactly. But the next best thing: a tiny statue sitting forlornly on a random rock, along with his bowling ball. And possibly a propeller-driven whale.
Commemorating the day bowling
ended on Mars??

Could the evidence be any clearer?!? Open your eyes people! Only an intelligence verrry different from our own could have created such a startling tableau.

There are those that see in the figure an alien being wearing a gasmask, perhaps signifying the last of the mighty Martian race gasping their final breaths as their precious atmosphere slips
into space -- and their dreams of a bowling championship turn to dust.

But looking closer I believe this can mean only one thing: that we've actually located the true home of the dreaded Sleestaks, who so tormented the Marshall family on Land of the Lost!

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