Friday, May 10, 2013

Free eBook

Still don't have these human beings figured out yet? Especially the ones that willingly sacrifice every last shred of dignity by appearing on Maury Povich (Yeah, what IS up with that)?

Well, I can't promise anything about Maury (some dark corners of society's seamy underbelly are best left unexposed anyway). But thanks to our unknowing partners at Amazon and Barnes & Noble "A Few Paragraphs" would like to offer you a completely FREE eBook for Nook or Kindle by a well-known NeuroPsychiatrist on what we know about what makes us tick. And by the way, this isn't one of those little free books that promise to reveal all once you sign up for their 20-part course. It's a real, well-researched book in its 'e' manifestation.

Naturally, this being Amazon and B&N they'll want you to sign up with them. And naturally, this offer will disappear after a week. To get yours just click on one of these links:

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