Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Most people are probably aware that there was a $25 million dollar bounty on Osama bin Laden's head for the better part of the last decade. Who, if anyone, gets that money?  Right now the story doesn't seem to pinpoint any particular person as responsible for locating bin Laden. But what if there was, perhaps, a highly-placed member of al Qaeda who ratted him out (but that we're not mentioning right now)? We certainly wouldn't want that kind of money filling his coffers.

Frankly, I would divide it among the 25 or so guys in SEAL Team 6. They certainly deserve a bonus, they're so secretive that no al Qaeda hitman would ever be able to follow the money and track them down, and they're as directly responsible for dealing justice to Mr. bin Laden as it's possible to be.

They'll probably just turn it down anyway.

UPDATE: The White House says nobody's getting the reward money.  On the other hand, some lawmakers think it would be a nice gesture (not to mention politically astute) to divy it up among the 9/11 victim's families.

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