Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Words to the Wise

McAfee, makers of pricey, bloated, memory-sucking anti-virus programs, analyzed the search results on Google, Yahoo!, Live (now morphing into "Bing"), AOL, and Ask to find out what searches will most likely get you infested by a trojan horse, invaded by a key logger, or fooled by phishing. As it turns out, most of them sound rather innocent. The dark forces of the Internet monitor popular search terms specifically to ensnare you in their devious webs. Here are the top 25:

word unscrambler
free music downloads
phelps, weber-gale, jones and lezak win 4x100m relay
free music
game cheats
printable fill in puzzles
free ringtones
make money
viva la vida (coldplay)
touch my body lyrics
love song lyrics
lollipop lyrics
my life (lil wayne) lyrics
the price is right
kimbo slice

And if you need a trustworthy, non-bloated, and free anti-virus program, try Avast, the 2008 Pricelessware choice for Internet safety and security at no cost.

Photo by Irish Typepad

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