Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I'm hoping they make a website out of this.

Three researchers at the University of Granada have invented a program called Inmamusys that creates original, emotive, non-repetitive, copyright-free music based on your mood. It's supposed to be pretty good music, too.

According to Miguel Molina (one of the researchers), "A person with no musical knowledge whatsoever can use this artificial musical composer, because the user need do nothing more than decide on the type of music."

Think what a boon this could be for computer game developers that don't have the money to hire an orchestra or the talent to make their own music. Myself, I'd like to have it to create soft, appropriate, no-strings-attached background music for the recordings I do for Librivox.

Best of all, each of us could finally have what the movies made us realize we need: Our own theme song (and background score). Kind of like what we do now with our IPods, only more real (in a cinematic sense, of course). We're all starring in our own movies after all, but the trouble is this is the rough cut. Inmamusys could score our film so it's ready for release!

Now, if I could only find a way to leave the lame parts of my script on the cutting room floor...

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