Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Present: The Nativity According to Matthew

As a Christmas present for those who visit A Few Paragraphs during the holiday season I've put together a short nativity podcast of the ancient story as told in St. Matthew's Gospel.

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Gospel of Matthew: The Nativity (Streaming Audio)

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Other alternatives are available at the Internet Archive by clicking here. I'll try to put St. Luke's version up later this week.

I've mentioned a couple of times in this blog my addiction to recording free public domain audio books for Librivox. My current project is a little-known but well done translation of the Christian scriptures called the Twentieth Century New Testament. Although it was done when the 20th century was new, it's quite as good as any modern rendering. I wanted to record the TCNT because an audio version of the New Testament in any of the more popular Bibles translations today will run you $30 to $40. This will be just as good (except for my amateur reading skills), but cost nothing. And that's as it should be for God's word.

For Matthew's telling of Christ's birth (which was recorded over the Summer) I tried an experiment and added some soft background music, using medieval and Renaissance music from public domain sites like Wiki Commons and CocoA. It seemed to turn out pretty well.

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