Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Seduced By Our Decadent Western Culture

Awwww... I'm so disappointed they kicked Melinda Doolittle off American Idol tonight and kept those 2 mediocre kids. She was way better than they are.

Wait a minute... how'd I get sucked into this anyway? Two years ago I thought everybody was talking about Star Search!

Then last year the winner was a grey-haired guy like me, and my kids were watching the show several nights a week whenever I'd get home from work. By the time I realized Taylor Hicks was only 29 I already cared what happened.

Now the 2 most talented ones (Melinda and Lakisha Jones) and the painfully interesting one (Sanjaya) are gone and here I am still watching!


chrisbelknap said...

American Idol when you should be finishing Orthodoxy tisk. Great job so far and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great work.