Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Candidate's Debate

The President of Iran, who reminds me a little of a young Lyndon LaRouche with enriched uranium, has challenged Mr. Bush to a debate. I think this is a great idea and we really should expand on it.

Whenever countries have a major disagreement we should set up two lecturns in the UN General Assembly and let them debate on worldwide TV and streaming video. Then they can just flail away at each other for an hour or two before walking away with both no doubt being declared the winner among their respective audiences (except for Mr. Bush; he's apparently barred from getting any good press right now).

This would not only be enormously entertaining, in a sardonic sort of way, but might educate us a little as well. It sort of harks back to the ancient idea of each side picking a champion to fight for them instead of every one having to get killed. Of course in those days you became the slaves of the side that won; I don't think we want to bring that part of the tradition back.

These days the goal should be for everyone to have a good laugh at the other person's leader, and then having seen the absurdity of having a real conflict, just continuing on about our business.

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