Friday, August 25, 2017

Harvey and Me

Harvey coming for a visit

So as it happens, the mighty city of Conglomeration is right in the middle of all the hurricane Harvey action -- on "the dirty side," as we like to say. Follow me on Twitter at @Pleonic for all the mayhem until our electricity goes out or our house flies away.

UPDATE: All this post did in the event was to point you guys to my Twitter app, so I've decided to archive all my Tweets from Harvey right here for posterity.

  1. Note: it was flooded the next day and we had to be evacuated.

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  3. What one of the rare un-flooded neighborhoods in looks like.
  4. Houstonians are cool.

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    Thin band of heavy rain between Katy, Sugar Land and Missouri City. Another 2-3" in the last hour.
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    This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced. Follow orders from officials to ensure safety.
  7. How things are at the moment...
  8. Watch out Carolinas.

  9. I45, which cuts right through the center of Houston

  10. Flooding downtown in the medical center

  11. In the Heights

  12. Lots of people being flooded out of their homes here.

  13. Our street on NW side still doing pretty good despite 2 days of steady rain. Lots of flooding elsewhere, tho.
  14. Solution: Arm the stewards with tranquilizer darts. Works on angry rhinos.

  15. What I was talking about earlier.
  16. Had 2 take shelter 4 a tornado warning in our heavily armored ground floor bathroom. Knew it had no chance & passed us by.
  17. At least one person has died in Texas (in Rockport) in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, says Mayor C.J. Wax --
  18. Here's where Conglomeration, TX is in the bowels of Harvey according to the Weather Underground's radar.
  19. The rain has really picked up in the last few minutes!
  20. The winds they got...

  21. Case in point... So sad. Rockport is such a lovely little town. Praying for the people there.

  22. And now, back to our show.
  23. (3) ...and Rockport, TX is an example today of this blinders - on philosophy.
  24. (2) ...and it's people who believe this tripe who want to deny poor people the social safety net they need to survive.
  25. This is pure twaddle & if Bill Gates said it he's an idiot. N d real world illness, disaster, layoffs in old age, etc can leave u w/ nothing
  26. Not much happening here in west Conglomeration, TX.
  27. It's goingfor Austin, tho.
  28. Harvey's not aimingat us -- yet!

  29. "Harvey and Me" "Harvey comes to visit..."
  30. Not much happening yet where we are. Just some rain and some tornadoes. Night all.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This blog was... how do you say it? Relevant!!
Finally I've found something which helped me. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi J A Carter,
Cannot find any other way to get you a message. I would like to thank you for your recorded readings. In particular the 20th Century New Testament. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear your voice in the book of Isaiah on LibriVox today. Nice work, you are a jewel.
M. Moses

Pleonic said...

Thank you M. Moses. You made my day! It's especially nice to get your comment on the Twentieth Century New Testament. I put a lot of work into that recording. :)