Thursday, March 16, 2017


Hard working drivel producer
Photo: Onomatomedia

So, one piece of advice famous writers often give to us non-famous writers (I'm a full-time writer/researcher now by the way, no longer a database developer) is to write something every day. This is seen as a discipline of sorts to keep your writing muscles in top condition.

Since I am by nature one of the most undisciplined individuals of modern times I've adopted a few austerities to keep from being a complete wastrel. Like bathing, and getting up in the morning. And along that line I'm adopting the discipline of writing every day right here on this blog.

All I'll promise is that I will write a minimum of three paragraphs a day (except for Saturdays and Sundays) in line with my blog's name.

This most probably means that the majority of the posts will feature plenty of mindless gibbering. So to warn everybody off and practice truth in advertising I've changed the blog description from, "Just an observer here. Carry on." to "Fresh drivel daily!"

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