Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Little Research Could Have Helped!

Every federal agent's weakness!
When you're bribing the FBI it's vitally important to offer something that's enticing... tempting... something you're sure they can't resist. Especially if you want them to do something illegal for you. Unfortunately for Arnold O. Jones II, senior resident Superior Court judge in Wayne County, North Carolina, he seriously misjudged his target.

All he wanted, he told his friend Agent Matthew Miller, was for him to obtain some text messages for the Judge... sent by his wife and another man.

"No can do," said Agent Miller. "It takes a search warrant for the FBI to look at texts."

"Pleeeease?" Judge Jones II pleaded.


"Well, how about if I throw in something to make it worth your while?"

"Like what," asked the agent?

"Something good... like... TWO CASES OF BUD LIGHT??!! Huh?  Huh?? How 'bout that?"

A few days later a SWAT team descended upon the Judge's home where he was arrested at gunpoint.

Let this be a lesson to us all.

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