Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Never Fear, Smith is Here!"

Separated at birth?
Parker Posey photo by Arnold Gatilao
Netflix, which has basically replaced TV for us and keeps coming up with neat shows, is doing a reboot of one of my all-time favorites as a kid, Lost In Space. And of course you couldn't possibly have Lost in Space without that ultimate whinner ("Oh, the pain, the pain!") and loathsome general troublemaker, Dr. Zachary Smith, played in the 60s and for the rest of his life by the inimitable Jonathan Harris.

There's been a bit of a modification to the "good doctor's" character in the new program, though: Smith will be played by Parker Posey.  She is an excellent actress, known as the "Queen of the Indies," but can even Ms. Posey live up to this iconically aggravating role?

Probably depends on how they do the Robot.

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