Monday, November 28, 2016

"Fish Heads, Fish Heads..."

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The Space World ice skating rink in Kitakyushu, Japan wanted to do something different. They wanted to give visitors the chance to "enjoy skating under unreal conditions at an attraction both unseen and unheard of." And one has to agree that they certainly succeeded in doing that. Their strategy? Freeze 5,000 fish into the ice and let patrons do donuts around their tiny, icy heads.

The Japanese public, while admitting this was an 'unreal condition,' was quite unenthusiastic about the idea. Taken aback, Space World was forced to close the exhibit prematurely and issue this apology:

"We have received a lot of opinions such as 'Using animals as entertainment and in events is bad' and 'Poor fish'. We sincerely apologise."

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