Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Barbarians at the gates in New York

The bone of contention in Albany
In the world of politics, the participants can sink pretty low sometimes. Just look at how this year's presidential contest is shaping up.  But there's low, and then there's deny-toilet-paper-to-your-adversaries low.

The New York Senate is currently in the hands of the Republicans, meaning that they are in charge of supplies. Now, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan swears everything's on the up and up and that bathroom tissue is distributed in an equitable and evenhanded manner.

But "Not so!" desperately cry the Democrats. According to their statistics the minority party is only getting half as much. And it's ONE-PLY!!

It is said that Alaric and the Visigoths used this same tactic to defeat and sack Rome (although the romans used sponges on sticks instead of TP, but the principle is still the same). Of course, that could be a myth (not the stick sponges. Those were a hard fact).

Let's hope cooler heads prevail in Albany.

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