Thursday, March 10, 2016

Machine Gun Therapy

Fire away till you feel at peace!
Feeling frustrated, uptight, maybe even a little... enraged? Now you can get it all out in a healthy, non-murderous way by firing machine guns from the comfort of your own home. The guns happily are located in Rabas, Serbia but you can fire them from anywhere thanks to the wonders of the Internet. It's the first-person shooter game brought to life!

Pravi Pucati, whose slogan is, "Shoot real things," promises that this is all totally safe. And even though they do have customized ultra-VIP packages for elite plutocrats and pampered royalty, and promise that, "If we do not have the option you want that you will have fun, we will make your wildest imaginations come to life," they firmly deny that for the right price they will line up peasants for target practice.