Friday, December 11, 2015

Don't Mess With Floridians

Florida guard dog
Photo courtesy of Ianaré Sévi
Where I live, in the not-takin'-nuthin'-offa'-nobody (that's our official motto, I think) state of Texas, we think we're pretty tough. It's not just the people, either; the whole place is hostile to its inhabitants. The wildlife is plain angry, bugs are huge, especially the stinging ones, and the weather tries to kill us all the time.

To stand a chance the citizens have developed a larger-than-life hostility of their own. Nobody but nobody transgresses on a Texan's property, and if they do they're quite likely to meet a herd of huge of dogs who are as angry as the rest of the animals.

But as it turns out, we're small potatoes compared to Florida. They guard their homes with alligators. Hungry ones.

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