Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Martian Beastie

As all good readers of A Few Paragraphs know, we chronicle the ever growing list of strangely rock-like creatures NASA keeps finding on Mars. Well, not really NASA per se; actually a few guys (Strangely, I've never heard a woman announce a Mars lizard, have you?) who spend their long, lonely nights incessantly staring at Mars probe photos in painstaking detail.

And when they spy one through bleary eyes, it is a cause of great rejoicing. Because it's just another proof of the massive space-lizard cover up that extends to the highest levels. The truth is out there, man!

You may recall my concise but fascinating expose of Sleestaks on Mars. Now, allow me to introduce the awesome findings of professional weird-stuff-researcher Scott C. Waring: One-eyed lizards from the Red Planet!

Apparently, he's also located a crashed spaceship and a reptile head!

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