Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Half-Day in the Halls of Justice

Where Justice is served
Today I'm quasi-liveblogging Jury Duty. I can't get any bars on my phone down here in the bowels of the Conglomeration, TX courthouse but we do have WiFi. The future is now!

Searched by machines!
I got here at 8:00 after a complementary ride on the Mass Transit and proceeded to go through the same "take off your belt, pull off your shoes, put your metallic things in this plastic bowl" process they have at all the airports. And so through the metal detectors. Then, after a video by the County Clerk, we all occupied ourselves as best we could.

Eventually, my Number of Justice came up and 27 of us were marched over to the Civil Court building and up to the 5th floor. And then we were marched back. Because none of the judges wanted anything to do with our motley crew. I didn't think we looked all that motley (except for this
Waiting for a bloody serial
killer case, like on TV
one guy...), but facts are facts: We were rejected without so much as a glance.

And so we sat... and stewed. "Grrr..." I could almost hear my fellow potential jurors say inside their heads, "When does I gets 2 administer some JUSTICE?!!"
Solace at Subway

But it was not to be, for in strode a bald-headed bailiff bemusing us with
his charming Texas comedy act. When you stripped away the good-hearted, countrified observations his point was this: We should all go home. And we could get a free, all-day bus pass if we needed it (which I did).

So much for liveblogging.

All there was to do now is shuffle forlornly down to the local Subway and pensively eat a Veggie Delight.

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