Thursday, January 29, 2015

Events Since August

Wow, I haven't posted since August?!  A lot of things have happened since then.

Soon after I wrote about that messy sandwich I found out that our rent was going to jump outrageously when our lease was up so my wife and I started looking for a new place to live.

Then a few days later I was told that my job in the IT department of Fiduciary Control Universal was being downsized out of existence. So my wife and I stopped looking for a new home that we potentially wouldn't be able to pay for and instead spent the month of September packing, throwing away, putting into storage, and then moving into my father's palatial home.

October I spent searching for a SQL Developer job and, just on a whim because I never thought I'd get it, I applied for an IT job with the Conglomeration Ballet. And I got it! So since then I've sort of been in dreamworld because this has got to be the ultimate job for me.  I love the artistic atmosphere here in our state-of-the-art building gleaming by the entrance to the city. When you walk the halls you can always hear piano music from dancers practicing their next performance.  The people are friendly, the wages equitable, the benefits good. I've always thought I'd like to work in a 'small shop' and our Department has 5 employees total including my boss.

And I get a good hour of reading in every day riding the plush Conglomeration mass transit system to and fro. My brain focuses better in the morning so I read serious books in the morning and enjoyable, trivia books on the way home. I just finished a book on Kierkegaard ('A Very Short Introduction') and am now starting A Manual of Patrology. For my evening reads I recently polished off The Romance of Dracula: A Personal Journey of the Count on Celluloid and now I'm on Severed: A History of Heads Lost and Heads Found.

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