Friday, August 15, 2014

Needed: A Silver Bullet

Just in case you were worried, the World Health Organization says Ebola, the hideous bleeding disease, can't be transmitted through the air, so you're probably safe (from the disease) in a plane escaping from, say, Sierra Leone. To get Ebola on a plane someone infected would have to splash one of their bodily fluids on you, stick you with an infected needle, or hand you an infected animal. To quote the head of the WHO, "Usually Ebola victims are too unwell to travel, and as a result, the likelihood of other passengers and crew having direct contact with them is small"

Apparently this outbreak of the horrible disease started with a 2-year old  boy in Ghana who died last December. He most likely got it from eating raw Fruit-Bat meat or, more likely, fruit that a Fruit-Bat had pooped in.

Ebola has no cure, but the UN says it's ok to try untested drugs on the victims in Africa since, really, we don't have anything else to throw at it. Let's hope they can find a silver bullet.

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