Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Blood Moon!

Income Tax Day!
Photo courtesy of Peter Gaylard
In further proof that Income Tax is of the devil (or at the very least a pox upon mankind), the Moon will turn to blood on April 15th -- tax day

Now the more prosaic among us might call this a "total lunar eclipse," but what fun is that? Calling it "Blood Moon" lets us consider it a sign of the end of the world, especially since 3 more Blood Moons are coming in the next year-and-a -half. And 2 of them fall on Jewish holy days, which must mean something. But only 1 of them is visible from the Holy Land. 

This end of the world isn't as popular as the Mayan Calendar end of the world, or the Niburu end of the world or even the Harold Camping end of the world, but at least some folks are selling books about it

Which brings us back to the pestilence of Income Tax. Beware! Repent and pay your taxes on that book income before it's too late!

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