Thursday, May 02, 2013

"A Few Paragraphs" Resurface

Artist's portrayal of what Scooby would have looked like had she
explored space.
Hello, I'm back.

And things have changed a lot since 2011 when I wrote my last post. For instance, our beloved cat Scooby passed away having never realized her dream of journeying into space.

We had her cremated and her ashes encased in a nice wooden box with a bronze plaque bearing her name. Now we have a new cat with no desire to explore the cosmos named Cheesecake Charlie. That's just the name he came with when we got him at the Conglomeration SPCA, which we kept because he seemed like the kind of cat that would get confused if we called him something else. 

I stopped the blog because I felt stale and got bored with my writing -- the usual reasons blogs stop. I just wanted to air out my brain and really didn't think my hiatus would drag on this long. But time can snowball sometimes. I also should have posted one of those, "Guys, I need some time away" messages like other bloggers do.

But here I am again, feeling reasonably fresh, and a revived desire to make peculiar and sometimes not-quite-true observations about objects and events that float by in my stream of conciousness. You can watch if you want.

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