Thursday, June 04, 2009

RIP David Carradine

News reaches us that David Carradine has died, allegedly by suicide. This makes me very sad. I always loved his iconic portrayal of Caine on Kung Fu and watched it devotedly when I was a kid. He seemed the embodiment of quiet, unpretentious strength. Apparently his role led him to adopting and teaching Chinese philosophy and martial arts in his personal life.

He seems to have worked steadily since Kung Fu; in fact, IMDB shows him with 7 movies in pre- or post-production at the moment. As I understood it he had made a comeback with his role in Kill Bill (which I never saw but heard he was good in). When he died he was filming a new movie in Bangkok. After all that success and reaching the age of 72 I wonder what would make him take his own life?

"For," as Master Kan told his pupil Caine, "all life is precious, nor can any be replaced."

Photo by via Wiki Commons

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