Monday, March 09, 2009


Hey, I just noticed that this blog is listed (as 'Jim Carter') in The Wesley Report's collection of Methodist Blogs. The Report is a must-read for serious Methodists and people who want to know what's going on in our church, so I consider this a high honor

But to paraphrase something C S Lewis said about painting and writing, this isn't really a 'Methodist blog;' it's a blog written by a Methodist. Being a Methodist informs everything I do but that doesn't mean I yammer every minute about Methodism. I'm way too curious about the various aspects of the universe for that. I yammer about everything, seen from a particular point of view.

To me Methodism is a cool way to do Christianity and Christianity is the best explanation of the universe. It's the universe that is my subject.

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Kalypso said...

I like it. :)