Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I'll be tuning in.

Michael Green, creator of Heroes and Everwood, has a new series premiering March 15th called Kings, which is nothing less than the story of ancient Israel's King David set in the 21st century. I've always thought that the two Books of Samuel, where David's story is found, are one of the best-written parts of the Bible. The tales of King David particularly have very compelling story lines and well-drawn, three dimensional characters. Plus there's a lot of action. Mr. Green feels there's enough material there for several seasons of Kings.

If he doesn't pull any punches this could be quite an interesting program. And I have hopes because Green says, "Strangely enough, [NBC has] not yet asked us to censor the Bible. They tried, but then I’ve showed them what chapter it was from and they were like, ‘Oh, well I guess that’s okay.'"

The official Kings website is here.

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Kalypso said...

Wow. I can't wait for that!