Friday, February 20, 2009

In Search Of...

The Death of Atlantis by N. RoerichThrough the diligent use of Google Earth we can solve all the the world's mysteries! Today's conundrum: Atlantis.

According to the Daily Telegraph, using Google Earth's new ability to look underwater Aeronautical Engineer Bernie Bamford has found a city-like grid on the bottom of the Atlantic, just beyond the Canary Islands. Plato (suspiciously, the only ancient source for the story... hmmm... You don't suppose... nah!) said it was "in front of the mouth which you Greeks call 'the pillars of Heracles,'" you know.

That's got to be it!

No wait. Google just announced that there's nothing there after all. The "streets" are just an "artifact" from the path the survey ship took when they mapped that area.

Rats! I mean, I knew it all along!

At least Google Earth's still good for finding our top-secret Predator bases in Pakistan. Or pinpointing where Bin Laden lives.


Anonymous said...

I've already got reservations to visit Atlantis too! Now I'll have to just sail to Africa. What a bummer... tc

Pleonic said...

Yeah, I was looking forward to the seafood restaurants, too!