Sunday, February 15, 2009

God: CEO

And now, to inspire and move you this Sunday morning, here are the first 8 verses of the Book of Genesis as "re-purposed" in PR jargon (which I borrowed from this blog, who took it from this one).


1 At the outset, God's agenda was to basically focus on his core deliverables, namely two leading-edge products, (a) heaven and (b) earth.

2 However, the earth lacked an overall concept, and had a low profile in terms of its key audiences. Obviously the Spirit of God had to step back and benchmark the existing waters before his game plan could get the green light.

3 And God's key message was that light was a strategic objective, and it was covered-off.

4 And God's perception of the light was that it was fit for purpose. However, his desired goal was that light and darkness should be differentiated in the marketplace.

5 So God branded the light 'Day', and the darkness he branded 'I Can't Believe It's Not Day'. And the evening session and morning session made up Day One.

6 Then God set out with the object of factoring-in a firmament to interface with the existing generic waters, to bring to the party two segmented brands.

7 So God tasked himself with the job of rolling-out a firmament, to supply a proactive vehicle for launching his two distinct waters products, and it was up and running.

8 And God branded the firmament 'heaven'. And at close of play, the prioritised actions for Day Two were ticked off.

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