Saturday, January 03, 2009

Battling The Red Menace Through Better Meatpacking

Where does SPAM come from? How do they make hot dogs? Is it really true you can use every part of the pig but the oink? Well somewhere back in the early '60's two brave Minnesota farm boys named Greg and Brad Rugg set out to learn the answers. And the unblinking cameras of Hormel Foods were there to record the action.

Nowadays in our squishy modern day push-button wonderland the notion that you can actually turn a hog to seasoned paste may be disquieting to some. But back during the Coldcut War, US factories were proud to demonstrate our luncheon meat superiority over that of the Communist world. And this is just the kind of film teachers in generic, mid-western elementary schools whose dogs ate their lesson plans used to show us back when I was a crew cut kid with a plaid button-up shirt, corduroy pants, and a bologna sandwich in my solid steel Superman lunchbox. Frankly, I would have killed to go on that tour with Greg and Brad -- particularly if it would've gotten me out of class.

You can watch this mighty epic on the view screen below or download it by clicking this button.

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Kalypso said...

Interesting post, although I will pass on the video.. I'd rather not know the intimate details of how exactly my bologna sandwiches came into being... :)