Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Unwanted Passengers

How do you accidentally mount nuclear missiles on a B-52 bomber? According to this story nuclear cruise missiles were taken to North Dakota (pity poor North Dakota, incidentally -- the state it's ok to send nuclear materials to!) to remove their warheads. But instead of that, they were taken out and hooked to the wings. Then they were flown to Louisiana, crossing a corridor of oblivious mid-western states on the way.

Don't these things have something that says "Danger: Nuclear" on them? Or at least a little atom sign.

At least the Air Force assures us they couldn't blow up, even if the plane had crashed. They know this, of course, because several nuclear bombers have crashed with no inadvertent mass anihilations. There are even a few bombs on the bottom of the sea that can attest to their non-explosiveness.

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