Tuesday, August 15, 2006

UN Ceasefire

The UN ceasefire in southern Lebanon is in place now. It's supposed to separate Israel and Hezbollah after their month-long war. I really wish Hezbollah was gone, or at least neutralized and sent to run all their hospitals, since they're very explicit about wanting Israel destroyed.

But I can't decide if this ceasefire is a good thing or just a chance for both sides to regroup and get more weapons. My cynical side says the latter, but my idealistic side wants it to be the former.

That's death for a blog of course; you're supposed to be polarized and yammer hysterically for one side or the other. I've tried that but can't keep it up. I can always see both sides and my instinct is that the truth is somewhere in the middle. So I struggle with things like this.

Maybe I need a peacekeeping force inside my brain.

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