Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sleeping Through Tumult

Got to bed a little before 10:00 and fell asleep pretty fast. Woke sometime in the early morning but I couldn't bring myself to look at the clock until it said 5:30. At that point I began wondering whether I should just get out of bed and make my coffee (which is better at least than obsessing about bankruptcy or briefcase nuclear devices like I usually do at that time), when suddenly... it was 6:30!

The alarm goes off at 6:00, of course, but I slept through that. Then the toilet in the little bathroom overflowed while Son was using it, and Wife had burst in, turned on the closet light, grabbed towels, turned off the light, and run back out again. Slept through that too.

When I woke I found Daughter had made breakfast while Wife cleaned the restroom and the kids were ready to leave for the bus.

What my brain was thinking, letting me sleep through that, I'll never know.


sarah doow said...

Sounds like it was best to keep out of the way!
(here via Blogexplosion)

Pleonic said...

Much less stressful first thing in the morning, I must say.